Digital Radiography

Digital Radiography incorporates computer software, hardware and digital receptors for the capture, display and storage of radiographic images.

There are many advantages to having this exciting, cutting edge technology in our office. Gone are the chemical pollutants used in the developing of conventional radiographs. Digital Radiography allows the clinician to instantly capture and view the intra oral structures of the patient using an estimated 70% LESS radiation exposure. Once captured digitally, a radiograph can be examined on a computer screen, allowing the clinician to manipulate and/or magnify the image to aid with diagnosis and treatment planning. This also allows the clinician to show the radiograph to patients who have an increased appetite for understanding their situation and want to be involved in the selection for the right course of therapy.

With digital radiography, electronic image transfer is available for referral or insurance purposes, making claims handling more efficient and film lost in the mail a problem of the past.

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