Children's Dentistry
kids dentistry

The Canadian Dental Association encourages the assessment of children by a dentist within 6 months of the eruption of the first tooth or by one year of age. The goal is to educate the parents regarding disease prevention (especially caries prevention) during the first years of life. In most cases, a check-up every six months will allow your child's dentist to detect problems early.

It is recommended that your child visits the dentist by age two or three, when all the baby teeth have come in.
Here are 3 main reasons to take your child for a dental check-up:

  • You can find out if the cleaning you do at home is adequate.
  • Your dentist can detect problems when they are miner and treat them quickly.
  • Your child can learn that going to the dentist helps prevent problems and will establish a relationship with the dentist and his team. This will eliminate any fear that the child might have.

As your child grows, your dentist will want to take x-rays. X-rays show decay between the teeth. They will also show if teeth are coming in the way they should. Your child's dentist may also talk to you about fluoride.

Once your child has permanent molars, your dentist may suggest sealing them to protect them from cavities. A sealant is a kind of plastic that is put on the chewing surface of the molars. The plastic seals the tooth and makes it less likely to trap food and bacteria. Your dentist will also asses your child for possible orthodontic treatment.

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