Crowns and Bridges
ottawa crowns and bridges

Beauty, quality and strength - these are the pillars that support our crown and bridge restorations.

Protecting your teeth and providing a continuous chewing surface along with beautiful smile enhancements make crowns and bridges excellent restorative choices for many patients. It is important to replace lost teeth to prevent healthy teeth from shifting out of position, which can lead to further tooth loss. In addition, your ability to chew and your nutrition may be compromised if you are missing teeth.

Crown and bridge techniques involve precise preparation of the tooth or teeth to be restored and cover them completely with a crown or "cap". In some cases, if the tooth or teeth in question are badly decayed or damaged, crown and bridge can be a viable treatment option.

They are fabricated to exacting standards by qualified laboratory technicians under the supervision of doctors of Place D’Orleans Dental Office. These restorations are a sound investment in your-long-term dental health.

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